Accreditation promotes expertise and safety

The aims of MEDSAC Accreditation are to:

  1. Promote sexual assault / abuse medical and forensic practice that is safe, competent and consistent.
  2. Recognise competence and expertise in an area where a clinician's opinion may have far reaching effects.
  3. Provide evidence of training and expertise for the Police, ACC, Ministry of Health, Ministry for Vulnerable Children Oranga Tamariki and the justice system.

What does MEDSAC Accreditation involve?

Doctors can apply for MEDSAC accreditation after they have attended the MEDSAC Initial Adult or Paediatric Training Courses (or equivalent) and seen 4 cases unsupervised*.

MEDSAC Accreditation applications require submission of case notes, references and evidence of Expert Review / MERG and multidisciplinary networking. The application requires approval by the MEDSAC Accreditation Subcommittee.

Accreditation is divided into categories by age group - adult, adolescent and child. Doctors may become accredited in one or more of these categories.

For accreditation to be maintained, yearly myMEDSAC CPD requirements must be fulfilled.

An accreditation application is approved by RNZCGP as an Audit of Medical Practice for MOPS allocation - equivalent to 10 points. RACP MyCPD participants can earn up to 3 credits per hour for participation.

* Unsupervised cases - cases where the examination was done without another doctor present and without substantial concurrent advice from another doctor