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This service is available to holders of the 'MEDSAC Member' category (MEDSAC accredited, or an an accreditation pathway).

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Frequently Asked Questions

People belonging to the "MEDSAC" membership category (i.e. MEDSAC Doctor, MEDSAC Paediatrician, MEDSAC Nurse Practitioner and MEDSAC Nurse) can access the EAF. If you belong to a SAATS service, but do not hold this category of membership, we suggest that you approach your Lead Clinician to lodge any questions on your behalf.

You can ask any questions regarding SAATS - clinical, non-clinical or admin-related.

The expert advice forum requests are monitored during normal business hours. You can request a preferred timeframe for which to receive a response: 2 working days, 1 week or 1 month.

At the time of lodging your request, you can indicate if you would like to receive a response via email or phone.

Expert advice forum requests are monitored during normal business hours. If you need more immediate help after-hours:

  • Check to see if the answer to your query can be found in the MEDSAC manual by entering keywords into the search bar
  • If a forensic issue - call ESR (24/7) on 0800 FORENSIC
  • 'Phone a friend'/experienced colleague on your roster

If you require more immediate help during business hours, contact the MEDSAC office on 09 376 1422.

The current expert advisors are:

  • Clare Healy (Chair)
  • Christine Foley
  • Lei Johnson
  • Anne Laking
  • Susan Reader

Your request will be kept confidential, however it may be anonymised and utilised for teaching purposes. Also, we find that some of the EAF requests identify gaps in the MEDSAC manual, so you may recognise your request converted into manual content!

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Note: Please do not include any patient identifiers in your request

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