MEDSAC awards annual grant funding to enable education that is relevant to our purpose and ambition. Recipients are expected to contribute to the advancement of MEDSAC by participating as a MEDSAC Director or contributor.

Awards available

Post-Graduate Study and Professional Development Fund

Istar Limited

Istar Limited, a charitable organisation formed to benefit women's health, makes an annual donation of $10,000 to MEDSAC for the purpose of supporting post graduate study.


MEDSAC has matched this donation to form a $20,000 Post-Graduate Study and Professional Development grant fund to support:

  • MEDSAC doctors or nurses enrolled in postgraduate Masters Degree in Forensic Medicine through Monash University,
  • Appropriate postgraduate study for MEDSAC nurses in clinical forensic medicine, and
  • Ongoing professional development for MEDSAC clinicians by enabling and supporting their attendance at education and training events, courses and conferences that are relevant to the achievement of MEDSAC’s purpose and ambition.


All applications for grants will be considered by a selection group appointed by the Corporate Governance Committee of the MEDSAC Board and all decisions in awarding grants will be final and not subject to discussions with any applicants.

The Committee, at its discretion, may award grants to a single applicant or multiple applicants. Grants may be awarded for one year or across multiple years of study.

MEDSAC will ensure that the annual award of grant monies is:

  1. Appropriate in that it reflects the intentions of the donors and enables education that is relevant to the advancement of MEDSAC or MEDSAC's objectives;
  2. Accountable in that it provides, or has the potential to provide, mutual benefit to the grantee and MEDSAC;
  3. Consistent in the way applications are processed and the awards are made; and
  4. Equitable in terms of the access of MEDSAC doctors and nurses to the funding and the awarding of grant monies to successful applicants.


Applications for grant monies should observe the following guidelines:

  • Preference will be given to the funding of enrolment fees for postgraduate papers;
  • Travel cost for onsite study, including accommodation, may be funded if there are periods of onsite study; and
  • Priority may be given to those clinicians who do not have access to hospital-based education funds.

Submitting a grant funding application

Grant applications are due by 24th March 2024.

Guidelines for MEDSAC Grant Applications

Grant Application

Please submit your completed application to, with the subject matter Grant Application.