Distinct types of membership are available and provide varying benefits depending on your professional role and level of involvement in clinical practice, MEDSAC training and accreditation status.

Membership Categories

Membership Criteria

*Rule 5. Admission of Members

a) This rule applies to all members

  • Candidates for admission to membership shall make application in writing to the National Office of the Society and shall furnish such particulars as may be required by the Board
  • Every application for membership shall be referred to a meeting of the Board, and at such meeting the Directors shall consider whether;
  • The admission of the candidate into membership is compatible with the Society's objects; and
  • The candidate has fulfilled all the requirements and conditions for the membership for which they have applied;
  • The candidate is a fit and proper person to be a member.

b) Upon being satisfied about those matters, and entirely at the discretion of the Board, the candidate's membership application may be accepted.

** Paediatricians

Paediatricians must hold a current FRACP qualification, equivalent international postgraduate medical qualification, or be a registrar in paediatrics.