MEDSAC offers a mentoring programme for clinicians who have attended initial training in the medical forensic management of sexual assault/abuse. This is designed to support clinicians to progress towards MEDSAC accreditation as an accredited forensic examiner working within the Sexual Abuse Assessment and Treatment Service (SAATS) in Aotearoa New Zealand.

How the mentoring programme works

When you join the programme you are paired with an experienced MEDSAC-accredited forensic examiner, who will review your next four cases and offer feedback, advice and support. You should then be ready to apply for initial accreditation.

Accreditation provides you with the following benefits:

  • It is evidence of your "expert" status in the field of sexual assault forensic examinations.
  • GPs who apply for accreditation or reaccreditation can claim 10 points for this process, which counts as a Continuous Quality Improvement Activity (audit). Or, for those who are RACP MyCPD participants, this activity qualifies for up to three credits per hour (so keep a record of the number of hours spent completing your application).
  • MEDSAC Accreditation is a requirement to be able to work under the Sexual Abuse Assessment and Treatment Service (SAATS) Contract.

To be eligible to join the Mentoring Programme you need to:

  • have done two supervised cases
  • be working in a SAATS service

    Once you have completed two supervised cases, contact the MEDSAC office to arrange to join the programme

    Email MEDSAC Phone MEDSAC: 09 376 1422