Ensuring that people in New Zealand affected by sexual assault/abuse have equitable and timely access to appropriate high quality medical care and medico-legal services.

Ka wātea kau ki ngā tāngata i Aotearoa kua pāwheratia ngā ratonga hauora me ngā ratonga rongoā ā-ture e tika ana, e kounga ana hoki.

Our values

Enabling leadership

He whakamana kaiārahi

We achieve more by helping others to succeed.

Meaningful relationships

He hononga whai tikanga

We welcome difference and diversity, and foster caring, respectful and collaborative relationships.

Intentional community

He hapori i āta mahia

We operate as an inclusive community with a shared intention for the future.

Our key strategies and success measures

Enabling the provision of appropriate high-quality health care and medico-legal services

Service quality assurance outcomes and clinician feedback confirm that all medical care and medico-legal services for people affected by sexual assault/abuse are delivered by appropriately qualified clinicians who have access to best practice education and training programmes and effective support services.

Enabling equitable access to appropriate health care for people affected by sexual assault/abuse

Service usage demographics confirm increasing access to appropriate medical care and reflect improvements in national access policies and funding and increasing participation by clinicians in service development and provision.

Enabling informed clinical intervention in family and intimate-partner sexual violence

Participation levels and positive feedback confirms the relevance and quality of our family and intimate-partner sexual violence education programme.

Assuring organisational sustainability

The adequacy of MEDSAC funding and the effectiveness of governance and operational management and enterprise systems is evidenced by the timely delivery of plan outcomes.