NZ Police - Family Harm Approach

  • 19/10/2018

"We’re part of the New Zealand Government’s commitment to reducing family violence – our Family Harm approach aims to drive down the significant harm experienced by families in New Zealand.

For Police, Family Harm encapsulates a broader, more holistic view of the issues occurring within a family. When Police attend a Family Harm Investigation they do so with “eyes wide open”, which means working to understand the wider dynamics of family harm, the patterns of harm and the adverse circumstances in which they occur. It helps Police make the best decisions when responding to family harm and ensures we get the best outcomes possible for the people involved.

As we partner with other agencies to provide families the help they need, we have developed and adapted a number of resources to share with government agencies; NGOs and any group or individual with an interest in addressing family harm. These resources are outlined below."

NZ Police Family Harm approach with resources