A free on-demand e-learning module accessible to MEDSAC Members (MEDSAC - Doctor / Paediatrician / Nurse Practitioner / Nurse), MEDSAC Members - Accredited (AFE SA, ANFE) and Affiliate - Police Medical Officer.


During medical training, there is very little time spent on describing and interpreting injuries. This module will go back to basics and really focus on injury description and assessment reflecting the role of an expert; basing an assessment on objective evidence. Also, remembering the dual roles - acting as a forensic examiner and providing therapeutic care.

Course objectives

  • To ingrain in the learner a systematic approach to injury description.
  • To remind the learner of relevant symptoms and signs which may be found following Non-Fatal Strangulation and/or Suffocation.
  • To promote the use of a Non-Fatal Strangulation proforma during assessment.

Time commitment

Estimated time required: 1-2 hours