In 1988, a group of New Zealand clinicians committed to addressing the needs of people affected by sexual assault and abuse started Doctors for Sexual Abuse Care (DSAC). In its early years, members from diverse disciplines shaped DSAC into a respected professional body. Since that time, it has grown and diversified, and now has over 450 expert clinician and allied professional members, from all regions of Aotearoa New Zealand.

In November 2006, DSAC played an integral role in the development of the new Sexual Abuse Assessment and Treatment Service (SAATS). Clinicians working within SAATS provide the medical care and forensic examinations for any person who may have experienced sexual assault or abuse. DSAC (now MEDSAC) remains the key medical forensic advisor to these services, and provides the training, accreditation and support of the clinicians working within them.

Why the name change?

From DSAC...

Doctors for Sexual Abuse Care (DSAC) was formed in 1988 as a national organisation of doctors to advance knowledge and improve standards of medical care for those affected by sexual assault/abuse.

DSAC was governed by an Executive Committee, elected annually, and supported by regional liaison doctors to foster DSAC activities throughout New Zealand.

Originally managed by a President, this title was changed to DSAC Chairperson in 2008. DSAC's success, whilst always a team effort, was enabled by the wise and dedicated leadership of the Chairs/Presidents.

... to MEDSAC

Over the years, DSAC grew to include a wider group of healthcare professionals with clinical experience in many disciplines, including general practice, nursing, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, and sexual healthcare.

This led to a new name and identity, reflective of our vibrant, diverse and growing membership.

DSAC was renamed Medical Sexual Assault Clinicians Aotearoa, or MEDSAC, in 2017.

The korus in the MEDSAC logo represent the 3 pillars of our organisation: medical training and accreditation, forensic work and patient care, as well as embodying our commitment to the people of Aotearoa.

MEDSAC Past Chairs

MEDSAC's success has been enabled by the wise and dedicated leadership of our Board Chairs.

MEDSAC Past Chairs

  • Min Lo (2008 - 2020)*
    Sexual Health Physician, Auckland
  • Marie Burke (2007 - 2008)*
    General Practitioner, Christchurch
  • Carol Shand (2006 - 2007)*
    General Practitioner, Wellington
  • Jane MacDonald (2005 - 2006)*
    Sexual Health Physician, Wellington
  • Carol Shand (2004 - 2005)*
    General Practitioner, Wellington
  • Clare Healy (2001 - 2004)*
    General Practitioner, Christchurch
  • Caroline Corkill (1999 - 2001)*
    General Practitioner, Invercargill
  • Selina Green (1997 - 1999)*
    General Practitioner, Auckland
  • Ros Gellatly (1995 - 1997)*
    General Practitioner, Blenheim
  • Juliet Broadmore (1994 - 1995)*
    Family Planning Doctor & Psychotherapist, Wellington
  • Robyn Fancourt (1992 - 1993)*
    Paediatrician, New Plymouth
  • Carol Shand (1990 - 1991)*
    General Practitioner, Wellington
  • Robynanne Milford (1988 - 1990)*
    General Practitioner, Christchurch

*An asterisk denotes a Chair/President role served whilst the organisation was named Doctors for Sexual Abuse Care (DSAC). Min Lo chaired the organisation through the name change to MEDSAC.